Native Brazilian Beth Susu moved to the US in 2007 in order to expand her horizons on the fashion industry. While studying at The Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham, Beth became very popular through her Instagram account and soon reached over 100k followers.

She nurtured her passion for philanthropy and decided to give back to the community that once embraced and made her feel at home. Her social influence and natural talent related to fashion helped her attract visibility to causes that spoke to her heart.
Beth Susu has become guaranteed front row presence in fashion shows all over the world and continues to dazzle with her unique and innovative style. Through her successful blog, Beth Susu and her team share fashion news, events coverage, lifestyle tips and details about her favorite outfits.

Beth Susu is definitely one to watch. With a bright future ahead of her, she plans to make her name an even more powerful brand than already is, and thus be able to bring awareness to the causes that can connect people that can change the world to create a better future for our children.